Facts 20 - 100

Because I just want this to be over with already.

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o16. I pretend to laugh a lot because I want to laugh, I want to find something incredibly funny that I’m crying and my stomach hurts. But I rarely ever find anything really that funny, and if I do laugh like that it’s usually because of a joke that would offend a certain person.

o17. When I strongly dislike someone, I plan their death in my head. And it’s not just one way, either. I plan multiple versions of their death. But very rarely are they committed by me, they’re always accidents or a victim of some psycho on the street.

o18. I sometimes like to pretend I’m someone else. I’ll just pick out a random person on the street and pretend to be them in my mind for the rest of the day.

o19. I just live in my mind and that can be a real hindrance sometimes when I talk to people because I don’t know what to say. The word are always locked in a bubble and only certain ones come out.


062/365 (by wataamee)

o12. I’m lazy. The end.

o13. I make fun of people because of their stupidity, but most of the time I don’t realize my own so I sometimes feel like crap when people call me intelligent.

o14. I have a twitter that I use as my personal diary. I don’t follow anyone on it and no one follows me on it. It’s a place where I can take out my anger and my sadness as an alternative to cutting and eating disorders.

o15. I’ve dealt with cutting and eating disorders. I quickly stopped the eating disorders because I was really just being stupid, but I still do struggle with the urge to cut. I’ve never cut deep enough so that it leaves scars, though, but if you look closely at my arm you can see certain spots darker than others.